Scary Story Writing Contest 2014


We had some FANTASTIC stories submitted for our short story contest. They are published below! Congratulations to all of our entrants. Keep writing…I’d love you put your books on my shelves one day.

Best Overall Story Winner: 

Midnight Monster by Cara Leonardi

Best Overall Story 2nd Place: 

Tapping in the Pitch Black Darkness by Savannah Ellis

Best Illustrations Winner

A Ms. Scream Halloween by Lucia Palmer

Best Sci-Fi Entry Winner

The Deadly Scorpion Attack of 2014 by Evan Simmons

Honorable Mentions: 

The Africa River Water Snake by Claire Sheppard

The Very, Very, Smart Dog, Which is a Golden Retriever by Elliot Simmons


Honorable Mention: The Very, Very Smart Dog, Which is a Golden Retriever


The Very, Very Smart Dog, Which is a Golden Retriever

By Elliot Simmons

One day John walked to the pet store and bought a golden retriever dog.  Then he went to his house.  He went to his basement and he made a lab when he was 10 years old.  He is 12 now.  And he fixed up the lab.  He cleaned up all the stuff that he had down there.  When his dog and him went for a walk they went to the park.  There were a lot of other dogs there.  The dog liked playing catch with John.  Then the dog got hungry and ate the boy.  Then a wolf came up and ate the dogs, except the golden retriever. The golden retriever was named Gold.  Gold stayed there all night.  And then, he got hungry and he saw a werewolf.  Then the werewolf bit all the people and turned them into vampires.

Gold went home and watched some TV.  He boarded up the door with wood and then he pushed a button and sharks with lasers on their back were guarding.  He put metal spears on scorpions.  Then he pushed a button and a metal door came down.

The End

Honorable Mention: The Africa River Water Snake


The Africa River Water Snake

Claire Sheppard

Age: 7

Once upon a time there was a scary monster in an African river.  It was long and skinny.  It had blood fangs and looked like a very long snake.  In 1890, the monster came up on a boat and ate the boat and the people sank.  The monster likes the taste of fish blood but really loves the taste of small children!  When the monster sees the children’s reflection in the water, he comes and eats them.

Now in 2014, the scary monster was seen again and he ate my brother!  Please stay out of the water, or this may happen to you!

Best Overall Story: 2nd Place: Tapping in the Pitch Black Darknessw


Tapping in the Pitch Black Darkness

Savannah Ellis


by Savannah Ellis

One fall evening after a very long day, I sat with my Mom, Dad and brother in our backyard around our new fire pit. The air was cool, but to us it felt extra cold because just a month ago we were swimming in the outdoor pools and our bodies were not used to these autumn nights yet. We try to move our chairs closer to the fire so we feel the heat from the flames.

There was smoke floating out of the fire and it was irritating to my eyes. I had to move my chair to avoid the smoke. The wind had picked up and made the brown leaves on the ground dance in the wind. We heard crickets making music with their legs. We listened to the fire crackle as it burned the logs and twigs.

My brother and I were sipping hot chocolate. My Mom and Dad were roasting marshmallows on the ends of sticks. My brother said, “Hey! My hot chocolate is catching my tongue on fire!” I said, “Don’t be silly. You’ve been out here for 20 minutes and it can’t still be hot!” Just then, my Mom and Dad accidentally bumped marshmallows together and their treats caught on fire until they were crisp and black. They screamed, “Ahhhh!” I helped them blow out the flame.

A few seconds later, it felt like someone or something was tapping me on my back. I imagined it to be a witches’ bony finger because it felt skinny and hard. I spun around quickly until my back faced the fire and scanned the backyard, but nothing was there. Suddenly, my brother felt a tap on his back and he imagined that it was a skeleton. He turned around to search the backyard, but nothing was there. Then, my Mom said, “Oooh! What was that?” And, she imagined it was a tarantula on her back. She jumped and looked behind her, but didn’t find a thing. My Dad felt a sharp, pointy poke on his back and screamed like a little girl. He, too, imagined that it was a something spooky, like a pirate’s peg leg. He sprang from his seat to see what was there. He found nothing.

The weather changed and it started to sprinkle. It was enough rain to make the logs moist and put the fire out. We turned on a flashlight so we could see in the pitch black darkness, but that light only helped us for a few minutes. The batteries must have been old. My Dad rushed to turn on the light on his phone, but that only lasted five seconds until it died out, too! We were once again alone in the pitch black darkness. At that moment, it started to downpour, so we ran as fast as we could inside the house. We huddled up together on the couch underneath warm blankets and, once again, it felt like the bony finger was back, ON my back! TAP, TAP, TAP. I was such a scaredy cat and didn’t even want to look behind me!

A storm was rolling in. We heard booms of thunder and it shook the house. My brother said, “One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi,” BOOM! He screamed and he almost fell off of the couch. Suddenly, the electricity went out and we were left in the pitch black darkness, AGAIN! My Mom found a few candles. She lit them and they flickered in the darkness. We stayed on the couch warm and safe under the blankets, too afraid to move. I cuddled up with my mom and my brother cuddled up with my dad.

I heard my brother giggle under the blanket, like he was telling a secret to his imaginary friend, which was an airplane. He always tells secrets to airplanes. Then, I knew what he said. ‘’They will never find out what I did!’’ he mumbled under his voice.

To get the scary, pitch black darkness out of our minds, we played the game ‘SORRY.’ It was really scary just being in the pitch black darkness with only candles for a light, but we tried to act normal. I was red, my Mom was green, my Dad was yellow, and my brother was blue. My brother won. He is the champion of SORRY! Logan was so happy!

Suddenly, the electricity came back on so we turned on the lights and saw what had haunted us all night long. Logan was the culprit all along. He had fooled us all with his remote control flying airplane which was tapping us on our backs with its pointed metal wings. We said, “Why did you want to haunt us all night long?”  “I don’t know.” he said.  “Don’t ever do that again!” said my mom. My dad laughed and knew it wouldn’t be the last time that we were haunted by one of Logan’s airplanes.  “I….I….I….. didn’t tap MYSELF on the back!”, said Logan.

The End

Best Illustrations: A Ms. Scream Halloween


A Ms. Scream Halloween

Written & Illustratged by Lucia Palmer

Age 9

“Trick or treat!” the group yelled after they rang the doorbell. “Oh my! Oh, hello, children! Max! You almost gave me a heart attack with that zombie costume. Tina, I believe you’re a princess.” said Mrs. Wicker. Tina, the tiny five year-old interrupted her. “I’m Cinderella!” She twirled around on her tip toes. Mrs. Wicker continued, “And Brianna! I suppose you’re Taylor Swift. Come on in! Henry will be down in just a minute.:”

After everyone was ready, Max, Briann, Tina, and Henry went trick or treating. They went around their whole neighborhood: that’s 39 houses! But they didn’t go into the last house. It belonged to Ms. Scream, who was supposedly a witch. ONe day last year, a couple of boys went trick or treating there and never came back!

“Oh, Henry, stop being such a wimp! We need to go to every, single house in the neighborhood. We can’t go back now!” Brianna complained. “B-b-but, but, there’s a witch there!” Henry stuttered. “Don’t be ridiculous, Henry.” said Brianna. She grabbed Henry’s arm and dragged him up the steep driveway. They knocked on the door and yelled, “Trick or treat!” The door creaked open, but there was nobody there.

The door fell off it’s hinges and dropped with a shattering BAM! The children screamed. Then, an old, crackly, voice said, “Come in kids! There’s nothing to scream for.” The dusty floor creaked as they walked in.  There were cobwebs everywhere. They walked down a long hallway until the same creepy voice came out of nowhere….

“Take the left hallway. Or the right. Make a choice now, dearies. There’s no going back!” the voice cackled. The children shuddered and looked back, only to find that the hallway they had come from was gone! The children gasped. It now it was a wall covered in ripped-up old wallpaper. And it was stained  with something red. Max got a feelign that it wasn’t ketchup. The children walked slowly down the left hallway. “Uhh, maybe we should go down the right hallway?” Henry asked. But when they truned, that way was now a wall, too! Tina was crying now. The kids ran down the hallway, and Tina almost tripped on a rat! They opened the door at the end of the hallway. Then they screamed. There was a lady, a witch, stirring a cauldron full of bubbling green liquid.

“Hello children! You’re just in time!” said the scary voice that they had heard in the hall. “M-m-ms Scream?” Brianna stuttered, “Can we go home?” “Well, of course not sillies! Not until you get your candy. Come here.” The kids felt relieved. They went to get their candy. “Here. Eat it now!” Ms. Scream said. The kids unwrapped the candy and popped it in their mouths.

“This is delicious! Where did you get this candy?” Max exclaimed. “Oh, just a little spell-I mean recipe I made!” Ms. Scream replied awkwardly. Then there was a poof. Max had become a frog, Brianna a rat, Tina aspicer and Hnry a mouse! Now they knew why there was a rat in the hallway. It was another poor kid! “There we go. That candy is for the little brats who come to my house every Halloween.” She scolded, and then she picked up Max. “Ribbit!” he croaked. He tried to jump out of her hands, but she had a grip like steal. Ms Scream plopped him in the green liquid. “There you go!” she cackled and stirred the pot. The others ran out of the room trying to get used to moving their new forms. And that is why Brianna, Max, Tina and Henry were never seen again.


Best Sci-Fi Entry: The Deadly Scorpion Attack of 2014


The Deadly Scorpion Attack of 2014

By Evan Simmons

Age 9, Grade 3

One day, a kid got a pet scorpion.  His name was Giant.  Then he experimented on the scorpion, because the kid was crazy.  He put chemicals on him.  The chemicals made him a big giant scorpion.  The scorpion was like a rattlesnakes diamond spots and its teeth were as big as knives.  His stinger was as sharp as metal.  And then the scorpion ate the kid’s head.  And he went into town.

He found a scorpion pet store.  The scorpion bit other scorpions.  When he bit them, they turned into giant scorpions too.  Giant was happy because he had a giant scorpion army.   The army went on a space ship.  They found the spaceship just lying on the ground.  They fixed it then they blasted off to the Moon.  They took over the Moon!

They attacked Earth.  But the king scorpion, Giant, stayed at the Moon with two guards named Zip and Zap.  The Scorpion king barfed up the kid’s head and hung it on the fortress wall.

When they attacked earth the scorpions stung people and turned them into zombies.  But one scorpion didn’t want to.  His name was Wild.  Wild attacked the scorpion army.  He got stabbed in the arm by a stinger and the people helped him because he was trying to save them.  Then the scorpion king came down from the moon on the escape pod. So did his two guards Zip and Zap.  The King and Wild fought and Wild stabbed the king in the arm and bit the King in the neck.  The King died and Wild became the leader of the Scorpion army.  But Zip and Zap did not want to obey him.  So they tried to destroy him and they got banished to the scorpion jail.  And Wild’s army left forever and went to the not planet anymore Pluto.  They brought a lifetime supply of food with them and the people that helped Wild on Earth gave them a pool(to swim in).

And that’s how my dream went.

Best Overall Story: Midnight Monster


1st Place: Midnight Monster by Cara Leonardi

Age 10, Grade 5

“Thank you!” I say enthusiastically to my mom. We walk out of the pet store with my new puppy. He has black fur the color of a raven’s wing. He also has cute rosy red eyes. I decide to name him Midnight, due to his sleek black fur. His little pink tongue licks my hand as I get into the car. The car pulls out of the driveway and goes onto the highway. The sun starts to set as we are driving. We are about to get home when I thought I saw Midnight’s cute eyes glowing devilishly red. He blinks and they went back to normal. I thought I was just seeing things. Yet, the scary dark red eyes stayed in my mind as we finally got home. I get out of the car with Midnight and run into the house.
My little sister Abigail says, “Look at the puppy!” She then squishes poor Midnight’s face in like a pug.
I squeal “Abigail, don’t you dare touch my poor Midnight!”
“Midnight? You should have named him Fluffy!” She exclaims. I sigh because Abigail wants to name everything from her toys to live animals Fluffy.
“Girls, it’s time to go to bed!” my mom cheerfully yells. Abigail starts to pout as we make our way upstairs. We both put our pajamas on, and I brush my teeth. Abigail tricks our mom into thinking she brushed her teeth too by running the water for two minutes. She walks into her room with a grin as sly as a fox plastered on her face from tricking our mom. My mom comes into my room to say goodnight. She tucks me and Midnight in my bed.
She says, “Good night.” Then she turns out the lights and leaves. I close my eyes and fall in a deep sleep. Bam! My eyes shoot open as I hear that noise. I look at the clock to see it is midnight. I hear a noise from my closet that sounds like a growl from a werewolf. “Rrrrrrrrr!” I pull the blanket up to my nose in terror. I never believed in ghosts before, but I am considering their existence now. I slowly walk to my closet and open the door. I find glowing evil red eyes watching my every move. I stumble back to the bed with my heart pounding the speed of light. I reach for Midnight to protect me, and he’s not there.
“The monster has Midnight!” I yell, crying. I turn on all the lights and run into the hallway screaming.
“What’s wrong?” my mom sternly asks. I can’t respond. So she rolls her eyes and looks in my room.
She says, “Look, Midnight’s right here. Now go back to sleep.” She slams my door shut. I’m truly puzzled. Midnight’s back in my bed sound asleep. So, I do what she says and go back to sleep. When my head hits the pillow, I’m out like a light. Bang! I wake up once more. This time, I hear creaking in my room. Something scratches my bed and roars like a lion. I see nothing but darkness, accept for the evil red glowing eyes of the same monster that took Midnight. I hide under my blanket and reach for my sweet puppy. Once again, he’s not there. I scream a blood curdling scream and then all the lights turn on. My mom opens my door again and gives me an annoyed look. She simply points to Midnight and slams the door shut.
“Where did you come from?” I whisper to Midnight. He licks my hand before I fall asleep. I wake up to a screeching noise. I slowly pull my blanket from my face when I see the wicked red eyes that look blood thirsty. I hear a roar, and I see fangs like a vampire close to my face. Razor sharp claws scratch my hand so hard it makes my hand bleed. I feel a cold spot where midnight was. The monster barks at me and lowers its fangs to my face. I hear a quiet whimper that sounds like Midnight. The beast growls once more.
I yell, “Let go of Midnight now!” The monster screeches a creepy blood curdling scream. It scratches me once more. It gets on top of me. It strangely weighs as much as a puppy. The Demonic creature’s eyes glow brighter. It lowers its fangs even more so they are just inches from my neck. I push and shove at it in attempt to escape, but it won’t budge. It screeches the loudest and creepiest yet. I hear the whimper one last time.
“Save yourself Midnight!” I yell. “You’ve been the best dog ever!” I feel cold tears run down my face. The monster’s so close now I can smell its breath, which strangely smell like puppy treats. I think it is the end when the creature opens its mouth ready to bite. Then the door swings open and the light turns on. I see the concerned face of Abigail and my mom. I also see Midnight on top of me whimpering because of a bad dream. He opens his glowing red eyes. He licks my hand, and his glowing eyes short out to his normal rosy colored eyes.
“Sorry, we forgot to give Midnight his sleeping medicine!” my mom says. “I forgot to tell you that Midnight was found in a scientist’s lab. They were testing the effects of radiation on dogs. The result was bad nightmares, screeching noises, and very unique glowing red eyes. He was rescued from the lab and put into the pet store. So, sometimes without his medicine he may be a little hostile at night.”
“Poor Midnight!” I say. My palms are still sweaty and my heart is still racing. My mom gives him the medicine, and we all go back to sleep. Every night I check on Midnight, and he is always sound asleep. Everything goes back to normal. The only thing Midnight and I can’t explain is why there are a pair of demonic glowing red eyes that illuminate our room from outside our window every single night.

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Pirates Tales at the Library!



Summer means baseball is in full swing and it’s time for the annual Pittsburgh Pirates Tales program! This hometown baseball organization knows the importance of libraries and is combining the love of reading with the love of sports! Here’s how it works: the more books you read, the more chances you’ll have to win tickets to a Pirates game, a storytime with a Pirates celebrity and the Pirate Parrot at PNC Park and other fun stuff!

You can enter by visiting the library for a Pirates Tales entry form or visiting for a downloadable form.

This program is for children ages 4-12.

While you’re at it, check out these cool books about baseball!

Image The Pittsburgh Pirates by Mark Stewart


Image Batter Up Wombat by Helen Lester


Image King of the Mond: My Summer with Satchel Paige by Wes Tooke


Image Flat Stanley at Bat by Lori Houran


Fizz Boom Read! Summer Reading 2014 at Moon Township Public Library



Summer is almost here and boy, do we have some amazing things planned for your family! Our Summer Reading Club Kick-Off Extravaganza is on Saturday, June 14th from 11:00 AM-2:00 PM. Radio Disney will be here with music, prizes, games and fun competitions, all airing live on the radio! We’ll have a fantastic food fundraiser to support the Children’s Department, lots of activities for the kids and the chance to be among the first to signhis year’s Summer Reading Club and Questyinz! Hope to see you there!